Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Today the love of my life turned the big 3-0. Yup, he's no longer in his 'twenties'. This morning began with me getting up and taking Nathan to school (usually Danny takes and I pick up-- you do NOT want to see me that early in the a.m). Nathan got up and saw Danny awake and says that we forgot to do our plan!

The plan: run and jump on Daddy in bed and tell him 'Happy Birthday' and then give him his birthday whoopin'. So Danny had to pretend to be asleep for Nathan to do his 'plan'. It was hilarious! Micah woke up and could've cared less. That's my boy. Nathan is way to happy in the morning to be my child ;)

We took Danny out to lunch and picked out his gift...a game for his PSP (thanks again, Zach!!). The rest of the afternoon was a normal 'work' day for us. Tonight I made one of his favorite dinners, Chinese Cashew Chicken. Very delicious. Nathan set the table and insisted that we use the Elmo table cloth (we used it for Micah's 1st birthday so I guess he thinks it's the official birthday decor). Tomorrow night we're having all our friends that we've met in Austria over to celebrate this big milestone.

A few weeks ago we knew we had received our visas, but were waiting on new cards. The boys had to have updated pictures because they've done the most changing in a year (Micah was a month old on his old one) so it took a bit to get them actually in our hands. But today-- WE HAVE OUR VISAS IN HAND! Ok, Danny & I do... the boys cards are still on there way. But still--- great news!

I'll post some new pics soon. Just been really, really busy. We had house guests for 12 days or so and they moved out this week. Nathan had a few school activities that required my attention, Danny's birthday, Bible studies, a friend had her first baby and has asked me to visit a few times just in this week, etc. All in all a crazy, but wonderfully busy week. God's good!


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