Wednesday, February 06, 2008

That's How We Say it in German

As a family, we have become rather dependent upon our evening routine. After we eat, either Krista or I will bathe the boys, while the other one clears the table and does the dishes. Once the boys have finished bathing, they brush their teeth and get into their pj's (pajamas). Then, Nathan heads to bed (usually accompanied by Dad) to say his prayers and watch a short video before calling it a night. At the same time Micah gets an evening bottle in living room (normally while laying in Mommy's arms), where he usually falls asleep.

After Nate's video is over, we usually have to bargain with him in order to turn off the TV. It goes something like this, "If we turn off the TV we promise to turn on the hallway lamp so it won't be so dark in your room." That usually makes him happy and he normally falls asleep soon afterwards, at which time we switch off the lamp in the hall.

Last night however, Mom turned off the lamp before Nate was completely out. Nathan called out, so I went to see what was wrong. As I entered his room, he told me what was wrong. "Oh, did Mom accidently turn off the LIGHT," I asked, as I walked back out of his room and turned the lamp on again. While I was informing Krista that Nate was not yet asleep, he called out to me again. I went back to his room to see what he needed. He explained to me, "Dad, it's called a LAMP! That's how we say it in German!" Krista and I both had a good laugh over it. He's not far off, though. The German word for lamp is "Lampe." Have a good one!


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