Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Rays of Sunshine

For those of you not from the Philippines... sorry, but this post will mean nothing to you. Maybe you can just appreciate what I'm going to say... just like Danny.

I was grocery shopping this past week and had to stop at an oriental store to buy a few things I can't get anywhere else for a recipe I wanted to make. My eyes were skimming the shelves for anything I might recognize from the Philippines. This place usually carries more Chinese stuff and I've only ever seen some dried fruit stuff from the P.I. (Philippine Islands) and not really my taste. But then I saw them. Jack & Jill CHIPPY'S. I nearly pinched myself! I was so ecstatic and could hardly contain myself. I hollered for Nathan to come to where I was and showed him. He said, "Can we buy chips, Mom?". I began telling him how these were one of mommy's favorite chips when she was a little kid growing up in the Philippines. He thought that was cool. There were 5 bags and I bought them all! They were only .69 euro cents a bag. I called Danny and told him. He thought I was crazy for my level of excitement over a bag of chips.

When I got home I called my mom & dad. They understood.

This summer will mark 11 yrs. since I graduated high school from Faith Academy ( one of the greatest experiences of my life) and moved away from a country I called home since I was nearly 2 yrs. old. Before Danny & I married I took him to the Philippines to see where I grew up. There are things about me he needed to see in order to understand. For example, my love for rice for every meal (if he'd let me), soy sauce, sampagita scents, the way I accidentally throw a Tagalog word in my sentences and don't notice it till he points it out, tsinelas (flip-flops), adobo, pancit, Baguio City, old friends, jeepney's, tricycles, the way you're never really late, the beaches, etc.. Ahhh, I'm getting homesick. We'd like to make a visit one day with my brothers and their families and mom & dad. I think it would be a wonderful trip!

Ok, so here's a picture of my great find. It was just a small thing... but it made my week... month!

Thank you, Lord... you're too good. You know how to make each of Your children's days special-- with little insignificant rays of sunshine, just for me.


Anonymous said...

saan ka nakabili here in graz?? -anne baliao

doro said...

that is great that you found those! did you enjoy eating them? i found some once and bought them...but it didn't taste the same as i had remembered. i was so very sad! i hope that yours are just what you remembered!

MusiK said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I don't think there are any decent Pinoy food stores unless I go down to Philadelphia. Sadness. But I can find some random (and generically "asian") things at our local Korean food store: rambutan (one of my FAVORITE fruits!), pomello, and decent coconuts, though not soft. Also, they carry some of the Japanese and Korean treats we used to get in the PI, which is fun. Enjoy your chippy. :)