Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My boys

Nathan's experience at Kindergarten has been good. He started out great and then in week 2-3 he had a few days of not wanting to go, though it was just in conversation, not a tantrum. Now we are finishing up month 2 and he's doing so good! He really likes his teachers, Andrea and Ruth. They've both commented on how well he's adjusting and how his manners are so good. Ahhh... music to a mommy's ears. His potty training is complete for the most part. He has no problems at school whatsoever and at home the only thing we're still perfecting is making it in time for #2 (which is not an everyday problem, just a few times a week). Bless his heart he tries so hard... but sometimes playing is more consuming and then it's too late.

Micah is full of life! He is Nathan's shadow, side-kick, toy, friend, wrestle partner, and annoying brother at times ;) When Nathan reacts to a song, cartoon, or makes a big gesture of some sort, Micah almost immediately tries to copy him. He's into hats at the moment and wants a big 'awwww' from me every time he changes hats. He is a good listener. He understands far more than we ever gave Nathan credit at this age. He is teaching himself to go up and down stairs and doing quite well at it. He loves music and bops his head at the slightest bit of a rhythm.

Both boys are such a joy. I'm looking forward to this summer when they can spend more time outside. They play so well together and I know that getting to run and play will be so good for them (and me - haha).

We're still waiting to have the boys visas in hand, but we're hoping they come this week. The important thing is that Danny & I have ours, but it'd be nice to have this all done.

Don't forget to thank God for the little moments... or rays of sunshine!


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