Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's good to laugh

Need a good laugh? Watch Micah and his version of 'Fear Factor' --haha!

Yes, we know his hair is wild (the next day he got it cut).

He just woke up from a nap and so he's not usually THIS extreme in happiness, but close.

No, I don't usually let him jump all over the furniture, but after you watch this tell me how to do it with a straight face ;)


Anonymous said...

Ok that is seriously adorable!!! You have such cuties!!!

mbaier said...

I laughed from start to finish. He has such an adorable and contagious laugh. It is hilarious how long it took him to muster up enough courage and take the plunge. Too cute!! Sure miss you guys!!

Angie said...

He acts just like his grandpa Terry...hehe

Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable Krista! I love boys. They usually have no fear! :) The laugh is awesome. It's wicked and cute all in a wonderful little boy bundle!

Anonymous said...