Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catan night

This past week we had a couple over for dinner and then played Danny's favorite board game, Catan. We discovered this game while on deputation. A military family had us over for dinner and they taught us this game. They got it while they were stationed in Germany. Danny bought it shortly after we arrived here in Graz and it's helped us with our language studies because it's only written in German (our version). Since 2004, Danny has been making a hobby out of collecting all the expansion/versions of this game. It is really fun, but make sure you have a few hours to kill. LOL!

We had a lot of fun and thought you might enjoy some pics from the evening.

Nothing like a good cup of coffee to go with a long night of fun ;)

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Debbie La Bell said...

Hey Krista! So this this game like the "Settlers of Catan" or totally different?