Monday, March 17, 2008


Last night I made Poppy Seed Chicken. It was a recipe I received from Danny's Aunt Sandy while staying with them last Fall during our furlough. It was so delicious! I've been craving it, but had to keep putting it off due to the fact it calls for cream of chicken soup and we can not get that here. I finally made some from scractch, which isn't hard it's just by the time I remember it's going to post-pone dinner and the "natives" are usually restless ;) haha.

Nathan is on Easter break this week and part of next week. I already have a calendar full of appointments. Today I was determined to just chill-out at home, though I did forget about having dinner with a girlfriend tonight :( Too late to make arrangements now. But the boys have enjoyed playing. I've built a mega blocks fortress, a car, a spaceship. I've colored, picked up crayons, made a 'car' out of pillows, been jumped on, disciplined, hugged, wiped runny noses, made lunch, cleaned up lunch, picked up lunch off the floor, and answered the phone. Now I'm on my way to do laundry and think about what to make for dinner (though it's still a couple of hours away).

Please be in prayer for me this week. A few of the appointments I have this week are with some really good friends, but they aren't believers and I'm praying that our visits (past and future) are always God honoring. I'm hosting an egg hunt at our house over the weekend. That will be loads of fun and what an opportunity!

I pray they see Jesus.

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