Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Time!

I think Spring is officially here... last week there were snow flurries, but we've had more spring-like days and it's just beautiful outside.

Micah is 18 months and loving exploring outside. While I pulled weeds I had to continually tell him that the flowers are supposed to be there!

Nathan will be 4 next month and reminds us nearly every day. He's already planning the party he wants for school. We had a meeting this week with his teacher and we discussed some of the adjustments that he's had and how he's dealing with them. The language barrier is really bothering him. He tells us he doesn't really understand his friends. That just breaks my heart because Nate is such a social person. You can tell it frustrates him. All in all though he likes school and his teacher said he's a joy and really good student. Please be in prayer for little guy.

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