Sunday, April 13, 2008

A tribute to...

...that old red car and Nate's love for it.

The scene: Nate walking into the living room with Micah's toy piano and then beginning to play a song.

"Mom, this is a song about my red car we found in Slovenia yesterday." (pounding on piano began and the sentence that I just typed was sung).

If you've been reading our blog for long you know that Nate is obsessed with our old red station wagon. We sold it to another family (Brinlee's) that are ministering in Slovenia. We went to visit them yesterday and he flipped out with excitement when he saw it parked in their driveway.

Nearly every week we have some kind of discussion regarding this vehicle (by the way, we sold it in JANUARY!!!!!!). He askes when Danny or I pick him up from school if we've come with his red car. He tells us to sell our blue car to the Brinlee's and buy our red car back. Nate says his favorite color is red, not blue, the red car is newer than the blue car (this is his argument the reality is the red car is nearly 14 yrs. old and the blue car is 4 yrs old) and etc. He was quite upset when we sold it. We can't think of what makes him so attached to it. However, the older he gets we noticed that he dislikes change more and more. Comes with age and territory I guess. Part of me feels sad for him and the other can't help but smile when he starts talking about his love for that car :)

This is a picture the day we bought the red car in 2004:

This is Nate nearly 5 months old riding in the red car:

Nate not overly thrilled with our blue car back in January:


The Brinlee Family said...

Sorry Nate, but you can come for a ride any time.

felicia deaton said...

Nate is SO adorable! I love all the funny things he says and that you share them with us!!! Hope y'all are doing well!