Monday, April 14, 2008

A trip down memory lane...

Recently some old friends from high school have been posting old pictures of our younger days and I'm about to start working on scanning some old ones too. Here is one that was emailed to me awhile back. It was 'Spirit Week' and if I remember correctly each day had a theme. This particular photo captures 'Retro day'. All the girls in this photo are dear friends of mine. We've stayed in contact and are enjoying keeping up with each other's lives. Let's see if I can give a run down of each of us....


Debbie is currently living in Israel with her hubby where he is working with Intel. They are expecting their first baby-yeah!!!
Kelli lives in PA. and is a mommy to 2 adorable kids. Her & her hubby work with the youth at their church and she is a gifted musician.
Charity lives in WA. (right?? I know they moved..but can't remember if it was houses or states) and has 4 beautiful kids. They are active in their church.
Christine lives in Texas. Her & her hubby (who I've known since diapers) are working with Manna. They have a handsome little boy too.

It's great to see God working in our families and that thru technology we can continue to be a part of each others lives though oceans separate us.

I miss you girls and am thankful for your friendship all these years!


Val said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I really enjoy reading your blog too. I love this picture in the senior hall, is it?

Take care!

Ramblings from the 'Nutt-house said...

oh yes... good times... :)

Debbie La Bell said...

Thank YOU for your friendship... esp in these past few months as I've been adjusting to life in another country. :) You are precious!