Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nathan's birthday part 2

Nathan's school celebrates birthday with the parents bringing cupcakes and lunch for the class (there's a helpful list). So I baked cupcakes till they came out of my ears (also for the party from the weekend-see post below)! Then hotdogs and some bread and fresh, cool, crunchy veges. All the kids loved it! I was invited to spend the rest of the morning with them. It was great for me to see what he does during the day. So on a birthday morning...

When class began he got to pick out a 'friend' for the day. Of course, the charmer that Nate is, he picked a girl ;) He was then given a crown and a little trinket. They all sang a special song to him and then played different games as they sat in a circle. More songs and games. I was chosen a few times to take part when my name was called for a game similar to "Red Rover, Red Rover". Then it was snack time. Nate sat at a table set for 4 and picked 3 friends to join him. In a room full of 3/4-6 yr. olds this took some time. After eating it was time to go play, but since it was such a rainy, dreary day, they couldn't go outside. Luckily, the school has 2 indoor 'mini' gyms. So dodge ball, some type of musical chairs-without the chairs, and just some run around the room till the music stops games were played. We went back to the classroom and played in 'stations'. Nate and I worked on a puzzle and played some card games with a few kids at a table... it was so fun seeing him interact with the other kids who only speak German.

Danny & I have always liked the teachers and have been impressed with the school and really like the closeness (around a 2-3 min. drive) and now I really like it even more after spending time with the group and chatting with the teachers. I was approached by a mom later in the week about how her daughter talks about Nathan and thinks he's a nice boy. I found out she teaches some English to the kids there. We talked about getting together over the summer to help Nate keep his German fresh and for her daughter to hear English from native speakers ( no jokes, please PIPS family-haha!). Slowly but surely I'm meeting parents and hoping to warm up to them so when Nate starts wanting to play with the kids I have a little to work with in talking to the parents. haha!

I think I'm caught up on the 'important' news around here. Our Bible study that we are helping lead for the Baptist Church is soon coming to an end. We have a handful of people that are not involved with the church who are interested in meeting and have a Bible study group. Please pray for these people especially. We've been busy trying to find everyone and see how schedules are going to work. Lots going on.... though we try to make sure we take a day in the week if Saturdays don't work out for just a family day. Nathan seems to notice those days and I love it when he comments on how we're 'all together like a family".


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