Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prayer, please

Today Danny & I have heavy hearts. Since we've been away our home church has been thru a lot. Many families move on, some have kids, some have kids that grow up, and some lose a family member. Our home church has been thru a lot the last few years. Today there was a funeral for a friend who left behind a family. We can't be there to help serve this family or grieve with this family. Being in Austria is difficult at times just because we can't see our parents, siblings (we each have a sibling that is having a baby this summer), or enjoy fellowship with our church family, old friends, and just be a part of their lives.

Danny's brother, David went to the hospital on Sunday with severe abdominal pain and last night they think they've figured it out. Morphine wasn't working so he was put on even stronger pain meds. He should be coming out of gall bladder surgery very soon if not already. We're awaiting the phone call to say he's ok and that they fixed the problem. Be in prayer for David & Britney it will take some time for David to heal.

All-in-all this is where God wants us to be. We're happy here. Ministry is happening--slowly, but surely. Just pray for us as we are away from family and friends who are hurting.


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Amanda said...

I feel your pain and I am praying for you. I am sorry to hear so many things are going on right now. If you need me you know where I am. Luv ya :)