Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Full day

Today I did loads and loads of laundry it seemed... then I rode my bike to pick up Nate from school. He really likes it and well, it's good exercise. After lunch the rain came and it just poured! More laundry... then I took Nathan to my tutoring session this afternoon since it was at my friends house and she has a little boy.... one of Nate's very first friends here that he made back in '04. I learned a lot today or actually clarified a few things. My head does hurt a bit though. Once home I made fried rice w/ chicken and Danny got the boys in bed while I cleaned up. i was on the phone too with a few people I had hoped to get a hold of this week and get a set date for our ladies Bible study. It's been a bit of a headache trying to work around everyone's schedules. But I'm praying it'll work out and that God will get all the glory!

Well, I'm sure your life is richer knowing about my day :) What did you do today?



Amanda said...

My day is very mush not worth writing about, that is for sure. I had a very boring day at home, trying to get a doc appointment. I did have a grease fire tonight though but no big deal just covered it with the lid and that was it taken care of. I love the rain!!!!

Wendy said...

I am on vacation in Florida. Mitchell and I spent all day in his uncle's pool. Wish you could have been there. :)