Monday, June 09, 2008

Neighbors helping neighbors...

Last week Danny helped our Landlord and his wife bail hay and load them on a trailer and then drive them down to a barn. This is the 2nd year Danny has been a help to them and they are so thankful when he does. It was a hot day, but a storm was coming and they had to work fast. Danny grew up with this type of work so he was "at home". haha. I love the way our community, more specifically our street, really pitches in when someone needs help. Any chance we get to share God and be a light!

Nate really wanted to help so once the bailer was finished I sent him out and he rode in the truck and then swept out the trailer when they were finished. He had so much fun! Our Landlord and his wife really care for our boys. They remember their birthdays and leave little surprises at the front door for special holidays. What a sweet couple.... we pray they come to know Christ one day.

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