Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th

This year the 4th of July was very different. It was Nate's last day of school! In the States by the time Independence day comes 'round we're well into our summer. So Nate went to school and then the parents met up at the school a little bit before pick-up time to get the kids ready for a surprise for their teachers. Each kid was given a rose for both teachers. It was so sweet! Some of the kids won't be back next year because they'll be moving on up. We had to explain this to Nate because we know he'll be looking for the exact same faces in September.

The kids getting ready for the teachers:

The parents waiting:

Ruth & Andrea reading the card:

Nate giving Andrea roses (she was so sweet, cried thru every kid that came by):

Nate & Andrea-his favorite teacher and one of the biggest blessings to us as he went thru so many challenges this year with his speech and learning German-a sweet spirited woman:

Nate & Ruth- his other teacher that he also really liked in the classroom and so sweet:

A new family tradition-going out to eat to celebrate! We have a new KFC and it was pretty good.

After lunch we stopped at a little toy store and Nate was given permission to pick out one toy. We really are so proud of him and all his hard work and good attitude about school. What a trooper! The boys had a little time for naps and then we had dinner at my friend, Angela's house last night. She's an American, married to Andreas, an Austrian. They have 4 kids. The two oldest are from Andreas' first marriage and great kids! They are really fun to be around. Maddison is one of Nate's best friends and Jaydon is about 7 months younger than Micah- so not quite a playmate but almost there. The night got long and so we headed home but not before they invited us to do something on Saturday morning as well.

So today Angela & I met in town to just visit and shop. Something neither of us have done in ages WITHOUT the kiddos. Her step-daughter and step-son joined us at the end for a ride home and there we met up with the Daddy's and the little kids. We went swimming at their house for just a little bit because Micah had not napped and was up late last night so he was showing signs of "this has been fun, but...." and they had something to go to tonight. We had a great weekend and even though it was so busy, it was refreshing as well. God is so good! The people that only He could've placed in our paths have been great surprises and blessings!

We pray that they see Jesus every time we meet.


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