Saturday, July 05, 2008


Ok, I was told by a dear, dear friend that the blogs about things Nate says are the funniest. So ironically he's been saying all sorts of funny stuff (or I'm just paying attention so I can write about it-ha!).


One day as I was picking Nathan up from school I walked out to the playground to see him pulling a little boy in a wagon (the boy was riding on a duck-looking-bouncy-thing that was IN the wagon). He seemed to be really struggling and was looking side-ways at a table with a bunch of girls sitting there. When he saw me he dropped the handle to the wagon (the kid in the wagon was fine) and ran to give me a hug (I guess I'm still the most important girl in his life...ahhhh).

Nathan: "Mom, that is my new girlfriend."
Mom: "Oh? what's her name?"
Nathan: " I don't know."

He is now walking over to her and taps her on the shoulder and quietly says in German-"that's my mom." The little girl grins and looks shy and goes back to playing with her friends.

Climbing into the car to be taken to school.

Nate singing the Transformers theme song: "Transformers, more than EATS the eye!"

Mom: "Nate, I think it's "meets the eye".
Nate: "No, Mom that's not it. I just watched it and I know it"

Being a big brother:

When Micah was a baby I would sing "Star Sweeper" when he was really fussy-- and he was a fussy baby!! Well, the song is from Lady & the Tramp and just popped into my head one day when he was crying. Some how that song has stuck as the calming Micah down 'hum'. It starts out, "Lalaloo, Lalaloo, oh my little start sweeper. I'll sweep the stars for you. Lalaloo Lalaloo..." Well, Nate caught on and for the last 21 months of Micah's life when he's crying and just won't calm down, you'll hear Nate hum or sometimes sing, "Lalaloo, Lalaloo" over and over. He'll even do this while he's in his room playing with cars and Micah is crying in the living room or hallway. Talk about brain-washed! haha!

Well, the other day in the car Micah was ready for a nap and burst into tears when I said 'no' to something that he wanted. Suddenly--

Nate sings, "Lala-LOO, Lala-LOO".
Micah is still crying.
Nate sings again, "Lala-LOOO, Lala-LOOOOO"
Micah still crying.
Nate: "Micah listen! LALA-LOOOO, LALA-LOOOO.
Micah stops and laughs at him.
Nate: "Hey Mom, I got him to stop."

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Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at this last story! It so sounds like something Kirianna and Aliyah would do! LOL