Friday, July 11, 2008


In January we met a family that had just moved here to Graz for just 3 months while Pete (the husband) was working at the Chrysler Plant. They were Christians and looking for friendship and people to study God's word. Stacy and I hit it off and had many play dates with our kiddos. She knew another friend of mine (Karen) from their visit to the Baptist church in town that most of you know we worked with for our first 2 + years here. They left the beginning of April and we've missed them. Nathan and their daughter, Lily really played well together.

Well, today we received a package from Stacy and her family! It was so sweet. Since she lived here briefly she knew of a few things that we can't get and though our lives can go on without them it's so very nice to have for a treat. Karen is coming tomorrow with her girls to play for a bit and we'll divvy up the goodies :)

It's so great how God sends us those little surprises via friends or family. My mom and Danny's mom send us packages a few times a year and oh how we love those, but other than that not too many surprises come in the mail (haha) and so to Stacy--thanks so much! It made our day!


The package

Pete, Stacy, Lily, and Elijah

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