Wednesday, July 23, 2008



The FREE 2 day/1 night mini-family-get-away was just woooonderful! The place was so nice, family friendly, relaxing, close (just an hour drive), and much needed for us. Here it is in pictures. Our room wasn't ready till later in the afternoon so after a walk and lunch in the center of town (it's a small town) we were able to get our towels and robes then head to the ParkTherme (thermal park). Of course, we were unsure of what we were getting in to, but it turned out to be so much fun! It was a bit of an overcast day, but the sun came thru for the most of the afternoon. The boys played non-stop and after just a couple of hours, Micah took a nap. The water is warm and the air was surprisingly chilly. For cryin' out loud, it's July and we were cold! So I wrapped him up and he laid so still and fell asleep for an HOUR--outside, with kids playing/splashing all around. Then up to go back to playing. We took a break and checked into our room, the boys chilled out and watched some cartoons on tv, then we went to dinner, and back to the pool till 8:30pm-ish. We had snacks in the room and the boys went out for a good solid night's sleep! This morning we had to wake them up, go to breakfast (which we made a faux pas at--showed up in our ready to hit the pool gear, everyone else was dressed kind nice--oops! lesson learned.) and then back to the pools. We checked out of our room and hit the road...

Nate said our vacation was so much fun that he didn't want it to end. He suggested we go to the Brinlee's house. We compromised and said we'd call them and see if they wanted to meet for lunch. We were so close to the Slovenia/Austria border already so we went to the mall there (it has a little store that carries some Yankee candles--my favorite kind of candles!!). Anyway, lunch and a walk thru the mall, a visit to the grocery store there (things a very slightly cheaper and we were already there....), a ride on a big monster car and headed home. The boys had an absolutely wonderful day. Danny & I loved it and wished it was a day or so longer. It was a much needed break. We will definitely be visiting again.

So to Rob, thanks so much for the gift. So glad to hear the wedding went well and know that we miss you over here!

-Krista for us-

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