Monday, July 21, 2008

More Anna..

Well, first of all... I am a bad aunt. I misspelled my little nieces name :( Anna René is the correct spelling. Here are a few more pictures of her from my parents camera and Zach & Jill's.

In other news, Danny & I were given a free overnight stay at a hotel about an hour away for our whole family. It's got a thermal pool and kid play area, etc. So we're excited to have our first family vacation--even though it's only one night and one day. I am so very excited! I hope the place is nice and all it's supposed to be (we've been told) either way though, it was FREE! We're aiming to have a long weekend in August with some friends. You know me... there will be pictures in a few days. So we leave in the morning.

Have a great week!!

-Aunt Krista-

ps-- Yes, we have another new niece, Zaylee Ann on Danny's side of the family and I posted the ONLY pictures I have of her. So I'm not playing favorites ;)

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