Monday, July 21, 2008

Anna Renee!!!!

Ok. I am proud to announce that my baby brother has a baby girl! Anna Renee was born July 20th at 7pm. She weight 7lbs. 3oz. and she hadn't been to the nursery yet so no length yet. But I am so excited for them. Jill looked great and Zach couldn't have looked prouder! These pics are from my ichat with them. I had been on ichat with them since my 9pm (their 2pm) when they said she was a 10 and ready. If you didn't notice she was born at 7pm ;) Soooo, me and whoever was in the waiting room chatted and I watched people eat, stare at walls, etc. haha! Is technology not cool!?? The hospital had free WIFI. What a blessing.

So now I'm off to bed. It's 3am and I'm so glad we chose tomorrow to be our 'day off'. God is so good and though I'm so heart broken I couldn't physically be there to hold her like everyone else, I'm blessed to have "walked" into the room when everyone else did. God is great!

ps--Nate is in one of the corners of the ichat photo because we promised to wake him and just in case he remembered in the morning we wanted to keep that promise... but I don't think he was thrilled at the time... he will be tomorrow!



Kathryn said...

Congratulations! I know it's hard to not be there in person; but you were SO Blessed to be able to be there via technology! So Cool!!
I hope you get lots of sleep tonight...

The Kirkpatricks said...

Congratulations!!! So cool how you got to be such a part of it. She is beautiful!