Friday, August 22, 2008


So here's another reason why we've been missing from the blog world again. Go figure... as soon as I was getting back in the swing of things.....

A storm came thru last week and during the night either a power surge or lightening got our house. We noticed it in the night when our fan was off, but just thought the breaker needed flipping back on (who thinks clearly that early anyway!!). But once we got our day started we noticed our internet wasn't working. Danny went to his office and noticed the routers were dead and started looking around the house to see what else might've been affected. So the storm got our routers, washing machine,and t.v. We are so thankful that our computers and kitchen appliances were not affected though. Since this happened in the night on a Thursday we couldn't do anything till Saturday because Friday was a national holiday. The washing machine was purchased on Saturday out of necessity! I had done 2 loads that night and was in desperate need of doing more. There are 3 active males in this home :) The routers were replaced for free as far as we can tell. The rest will be as we can do it.

Big News: The boys are now sharing a bedroom. Micah is in a 'big boy' bed! He's doing GREAT! But he's always been the son who enjoys his sleep time (another sign that he's more Danny's child... the first was his looks--baby pictures tell no lies). Nate, however, is very much a little "me" (looks, temperament, and night owl) we are still working on getting him to STAY in bed for the night. haha! Micah's old room is now the playroom, which is the only room next to the kitchen so I can see/hear them better. It is a really small room. It had just enough room for a crib, dresser, small closet. But with all that out and just the toy tubs in a shelf thing-a-ma-jig there's lots of floor room for their Lego's and cars. I've also lightened up a bit with my constant phrase, "Clean up your room before bed!" I still have them do some picking up, but not to the extent that at their age it takes an hour before bed and everyone goes to bed upset because they didn't get to play. haha.

I've been sick most of this week, but am feel much better. I was told a summer 'cold' was being passed around and I think I may have caught it. I told Danny I hadn't felt that sick in ages. When I put Nate to bed tonight he had a slight fever...I'm praying he doesn't get it too.

We have a busy weekend and upcoming week. So we're doing good and lovin' life!


PS--Here are pics from the day we went out to the city for our 9th wedding anniversary. We stopped at a little playground for the boys.

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