Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last week when we moved Micah to a big boy bed we also made his old room the playroom. Now their bedroom is just for sleeping, clothing, and movies. The rooms/walls are bare so we'll work on that slowly. Nate picked out some posters at the store to put on the walls in the playroom that we need to go purchase sometime. But all in all it seems to be working out really good. They are working on not waking each other up in the morning. They both think that if they are awake the other brother needs to be up too. It's not so bad in the school year because if I'm already up than I don't mind if Micah gets up too.

Playroom (it's a really small room that barely held the crib and a dresser, but it's perfect for playing)

Bedrooms (Micah's right side and Nate's left)

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Felicia Deaton said...

The rooms are soo cute! Don't ya love IKEA!!!!