Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr. Spicy

Ok... I was going to write about teaching English, but I'll wait till this evening or tomorrow when I have a chance to sit here longer. But I am going to tell you about something hilarious!

Micah has always leaned toward spicier foods. Earlier this year (so a few months after his 1st birthday) we were eating nachos and Micah leans over to Danny's plate and picks up a jalapeno. He puts it in his mouth and makes the expected face and spits it out. He takes a drink and looks over at the pepper and you can see it in his eyes... he's just GOT to try it again. He tries again and it stays in his mouth a tad bit longer... but then spits it out. Mr. Micah goes for a THIRD time... this time he chews it up and goes back to what was on his plate. No drink or anything. A couple months after that he throws a fit because he wants this hot sauce on his rice. He eats it and says his word for spicy-- "pice!". Recently, he wanted to try the white shredded stuff Danny had on his plate. Danny says, "No Micah.. it's not cheese. It's spicy horse-radish." Micah steals a small half-inch or so piece. He licks it and shudders with the face you can imagine. We laugh and make sure he drinks his juice. There. Hopefully that settled his curiosity. Five minutes later --THE CHILD ASKED FOR MORE--and ATE IT!!! So you get the picture... he likes to try new things and he eats almost anything you put in front of him. He is definitely Danny's child.

Here we are today. Danny's eating an Austrian style open face sandwich. He's got a pile of horse-radish with the smoked meat and cheese on it. Micah sees food and takes action.... gets near you and gets comfortable. He asks for a bite and Danny says, "this is too spicy for you, buddy". Micah keeps asking. Danny gives him a piece of cheese and Micah eats it... then he leans in and takes a bite out of the sandwich. We watch him expecting spitting and coughing to occur.... nope. He eats, swallows, and leans in for another bite as if he were eating a PB&J sandwich! He nearly ate the whole sandwich. I told Danny anything that happens in the vicinity of the diaper... is his department today. I want nothing to do with this.

Nate and I are clearly two peas in a pod when it comes to food. He's not near as picky as I am (thank goodness!!). When either of us smell the horse radish we move. I'm not totally against spice... just not to the level Danny and obviously now Micah likes to eat spicy foods. haha. Nate can't stand anything spicy. He's accused me of making some foods to spicy. Hmph....ME!?!? haha.



Christy Younger said...

What a great story! Hey thanks for your comment, so excited for you guys! Your boys are so cute.
Love ya!

Felicia Deaton said...

LOL! That is a cute story! I love spicy foods and Jeremy doesn't so we are opposites like you guys! Micah is right about jalapenos, yumm-o!!!!