Friday, September 26, 2008


Last Tuesday was my first day to teach at Nate's school. It was fun and the kids are hilarious. Andrea (Nate's teacher) and I have decided to split the group to 3 & 4 yr. olds and then 5 & 6 yr. olds. The older group has a couple of kids that know a few words. The younger group just stares at me. haha. Nate is in the younger group and this will be interesting.

I wanted to get a feel for what they knew and to not overwhelm them so I started with just basic 'What is your name?"/ "Nice to meet you" and "Good Morning"/ "Good Bye". We played 'duck, duck, goose'. I would say the words in German and then show pics in case they were still confused and then told them what they were in English. This game was a good ice breaker, got them moving a bit, and we all said "DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, DUCK..... GOOSE!" together. They loved it.

When I was doing introductions for the younger group I had a helper :) Nate, of course was sitting next to me on one side and after he told us his name we went to the next kid. Nate speaks up and says, "That's Christoph, that's Steffan, that's Hannah, that's Maya, that's ...." you get the point. I gently said, "Thanks Nate... so glad you know everyone, but I want them to practice saying "My name is..."". LOL! He smiled and got so tickled when the kids were repeating the phrase... I think the parents are right. This will be just as good for Nate to see his friends learning something and being confused like he was/ is with German at times.

In the older group it went much smoother. The cutest moment was when I got 'round to a little girl who I know (many of these kids are from last year) as one of Nate's first friends. She says the phrase in English with her name (Victoria) and then in German says that Nate is in love with her!!!!! LOL! I kinda knew that... Nate is not shy about his girlfriends. When I've tried to get clarification that they are his friends that are girls... he says, "no, she's my girlfriend". By the way, the "girl" changes quite a bit.... haha! We have a charmer on our hands.


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