Monday, September 29, 2008

Language lessons

Just some of my recent photos of our boys. They are just so precious. Nathan has been really absorbing German lately. We're hearing him talk to Micah in German... hearing him speak to his friends when we pick him up from school... or hearing him repeat stuff under his breath while watching 'Diego' or 'Dora' or the "Little Einsteins" in German. it's awesome! Now with that being said he did throw me off a bit the other day. We were grocery shopping and he puts his hand up and says "esperar" while he walks over to the toy section. I had to think for a second where I had heard that word before... then I realized it was from Dora... but the English version. The interesting thing is that when they play Dora here, it's obviously in German, but the parts where she would say words/phrases in Spanish on the English versions-- she says it in English over here. hahaha! Nate doesn't even realize it but he's got so many languages bouncing in his head. I say phrases periodically or sing a few songs from my childhood in Tagalog too. Sometimes I don't even think about it... it just comes out. haha! They'll either get it or be more confused than ever!

Tomorrow I teach English again and have my lesson plan ready. The kids have been calling me "Ms. Krista" all last week instead of "die Mama von Nathan" (Nathan's mom). It's too cute. Micah has had a few 'boo-boo' moments this week. He just gets so excited and ahead of himself when he runs or jumps off of things... so he's looking rough today. Ahhh... boys.

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