Friday, October 03, 2008

Are you ready for some Football!?!?

So I've been wanting to tell you about this new adventure we're on right now, but have held off till we knew for sure. A few weeks ago Danny was doing some research and found that there is another American football team here in Graz. If you recall he went to the Austrian Bowl this summer, which the Graz Giants won. The Giants are really good (not NFL good, but good for here). Danny's been praying for some new ministry opportunities and came across the Styrian Bears, which will play in the lowest division of the Austrian Football League. He emailed them to get more info about the team. He's been brainstorming ideas and so he wanted to meet some of the guys. They told him that tryouts were just 2 days ago (this all happened in September, so not literally 2 days ago). We talked about it and he thought it might be kinda fun to play if he made it. But wasn't expecting to because it's been awhile since he was actively playing sports (though he rides his bike and tries to eat well here). So Danny goes on a Friday night and he tries out. They were impressed and asked on the spot if he could play pending, of course, league approval. He had a physical done and had to prove that he wasn't a college or professional player in the past (because if he had been, he would have only been eligible to play for a top level team like the Giants). By the second practice he was sore... but he's doing great now. Their first game was supposed to be this Saturday in Hungary but it was canceled so next weekend is the first game (it is an exhibition game) here in Graz. Nate is especially excited to see his Daddy play.

This is wonderful on so many levels. Danny's circle of friends just grew by about 30 guys... not to mention their friends and families. Also, he has been asked to pray and give a motivational, spiritual talk before each game. He is somewhat the unofficial team chaplain (if they actually had sports chaplains here). He already has a nick name-- 'The Rev.' haha! I love it. Next, I believe this is a great outlet for Danny. It gives him a release like I have with being a mom and having play dates for the boys with my girlfriends and their kids.

He practices on Tuesday and Friday nights. I'll admit those evenings are kinda rough on me. He has to leave right as I'm cooking or if I'm really good with timing as I'm feeding the boys dinner. Then I bathe them and wrestle them into bed. I know, I'm spoiled that I have a hubby who is very helpful with the boys and their routine. But I'm so glad he's been able to do this. It's totally a God thing.

Here's the boys trying on his practice uniform. So hopefully I'll have pics next week of his first game. Keep him in your prayers that he'll be a light to these guys and that he doesn't get hurt ;) haha!


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