Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wedding Doves

I'm writing this as a follow-up to a post that Krista wrote on September 11. In that post she mentioned that I was doing a favor for my landlord and that I would write more on the subject later. Well, after being reminded several times, later is finally here.

About a month ago, our landlords, the Pauritsches, were doing some work around our house (trimming the shrubs and pruning the fruit trees) and, as is usually the case, Krista and I helped them. They are a very nice family and we have enjoyed getting to know them over the past four years. As a hobby, Mr. Pauritsch raises homing pigeons and doves. He used to enter them in competitions, but now he just releases them at weddings.

The favor he asked of me had to do with one of the weddings he had scheduled. Actually, he had booked three ceremonies on the same day. That created a conflict for him, in that he could not attend all three. To further complicate things, his friend who usually helps him in such situations was not able to be of assistance due to medical problems. So jokingly (at least that is how I was taking it), he asked me if I thought I could do it. I told him I probably could. (The most difficult part is reading a poem before the wedding party and guest).

He was more serious than I thought. A day or two later he brought me the poem and asked me to read it aloud. I did so and apparently impressed him. (I guess, he didn't think my German was that good before I read it). Before I knew it I had agreed to help him out with one of the three weddings. So, I learned the poem and my landlord took me to where the wedding would be about a week in advance so I would know how to get there on my own.

The next weekend, Nathan and I went to the wedding. All in all everything went pretty well. The only hitch was that the wedding was about an hour late in getting started so we had to wait around for quite a while. When it was my time to shine, I read the poem and then handed both the bride and groom a dove to hold so they could pose for pictures. After the pics, I released the doves (which, as homing pigeons do, flew straight home).

I guess my landlord was satisfied with my performance, because he has already asked me to help him next summer, when the "wedding season" roles around again. I actually enjoyed doing it and will probably help him out when I am available. Nate really enjoyed it, too, so I'm sure I will have a little helper to go with me again. Have a great one!


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Tori said...

Hello from Croatia. We are IFB missionaries in Croatia and have been for the last 8 years. I found your blog while looking for IFB missionaries in Austria. Glad I found ya and I'll be back soon to read more.