Thursday, September 11, 2008

Early mornings...

**I forgot to post this. As I wrote Nate got up and our morning took off!**

Now that school is under way we find ourselves getting up with the sun. I'm not much of a morning person (don't talk to me for a few minutes and no one gets hurt--haha). But if I get a good night's sleep (which I did last night) then I'm ready to face the day and the happy faces of my boys. Danny is on an early morning bike ride, Nate is still asleep (not for long though), and Micah is drinking his milk and playing with a tape measure (Danny is supposed to hang a few pics for me today) while I sit here with my coffee and type away.

What can I say? I love the life God has allowed me to live. There are times I wonder what He was thinking when He placed me and Danny in Austria. I'm used to a more fast pace ministry (growing up in the Philippines) where people were accepting Christ after one visit to church sometimes. I worry at times about what people in the States are thinking. I shouldn't. I believe that we are where God wants us and we're being diligent with what He gives us in terms of ministry and opportunities. It takes a bit of creativity and it definitely challenges us at times and even though you'd think we ARE out of our comfort zones living here... trying to do things that make the people we've met here interested in the Gospel is sometimes a challenge. Many friends we've made here aren't accustomed to 'church' or what they know of it--they don't like it and don't want to have anything to do with it. So our "thinking caps" have to go on and as long as the Gospel is presented what more can we do? Now with that said, we do have a few friends that are not against studying the Bible around the table at our house or at theirs. I meet every week with one friend and she's such a great woman. But she won't go to a "church". So meanwhile we study God's Word and explain the love of Christ to her and in time she will work things out with her Creator. Until then it's not my place to force her to attend a 'regular' setting. Another family we dearly love has so many questions for us that at times my head is spinning :)

I don't know what got me on that topic.... I guess I'm asking you to pray for all areas of our lives. I must admit sometimes the Devil has me doubting if we're doing ministry the 'right way'.... and so before my Heavenly Father I go and listen to His heart. I get up feeling refreshed and desire even more to get busy! Just in case you're wondering--today I'm feeling refreshed :)

On to the home front:

Nate is doing really good in school. I had my first Parents meet the Teachers meeting last night. We couldn't find a sitter so Danny got to stay home. Normally, I'd jump at the chance to get out of the house alone, but he didn't want to go and I didn't want to go either ..... because I didn't feel like my German was going to hold up very long. I was partly right. They speak a dialect here and when they get to talking fast.... it's all I can do not to fall over because my head is spinning! But I did pretty good. During the course of the evening the topic of English came up. Last year a parent taught basic English to a small group of kids privately. Her child has moved up to Elementary and no longer has to be at the school (obviously). The parents are very happy that Nathan is in the class. They think it's only fair that their kids learn another language too. They said they want their kids to be able to interact with Nate and understand what he's going thru with hearing two languages everyday. Isn't that awesome?!?! My heart was touched. I was told how Nathan is liked and how they (the parents) all hear about it when Nathan speaks in German. The kids are so proud of him when he starts making strides in his language skills. Soooooo.... I was "volunteered" to help teach English (I do hold a degree in Early Childhood Edu.). The teacher was ecstatic! But it looks like I won't be "helping" but being the actual teacher. haha. We're going to get thru the first few weeks of school and let everyone get used to a routine then I'll go in the mornings about once a week at first and teach English. Wow. The opportunities God is giving me is unbelievable! Just another chance to share the Gospel, meet the parents more often, and get to know Nate's teachers even more. I do pray for them a lot. I pray they accept Christ one day.

Micah is great! Yesterday, I was not getting a lot done with him wanting my attention for the duration of Nate's absence. So I put him in the kids seat on my bike and we rode to the grocery store. He really liked it. He pointed out all the cars and the houses that had toys in the yards or dogs that barked. Most grocery stores have these little kid shopping carts and since I only had a backpack for carrying stuff I let him push it around (so I wouldn't over shop). He was so adorable. He talked to people on every aisle and tried to do his own "shopping". His taste is quite different from mine--or was he just getting stuff he could reach? The bike ride home went to fast for his liking, but I reminded him of the treat we bought and he gladly went inside.

Danny has been locked away in his office this week (well, every week, but more so with the school routine back in place). We see him at breakfast, briefly at lunch, and in time for dinner. He works on prayer letters, financial reports, updating websites that he has created for us and others, studies for Bible groups, and creating videos for ministries -just to name a few. Danny is also in the process of getting some very creative ministry projects together. He has been in contact with a few people and it's fun to see him get excited as the Lord leads. He is doing our landlord a favor this Saturday and I'll let Danny write his own post on that subject. Sunday he'll be speaking to the Browns Bible study group that meets every week at 4pm. The next few weekends are packed with activity as well. We may not have a formal setting, but we do meet with people every week sometimes a few people at one time and sometimes many one-on-one studies.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for your support. Thank you for the cards, packages (Dads & Moms), emails, and phone calls. Hope you're having a wonderful week.


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