Monday, September 08, 2008

1st day back

Nathan was so excited this morning! He woke up saying, "Today is the day I get to see my old friends and my new friends". He did so great! I chatted with his teacher at pick up time and she said he was so good. She said that they were going around the room and introducing the 4 new kids in the class and then talking about how the rest of the class was the same, but how everyone has grown over the summer when Nate announced that he was almost 5 yrs. old and a big boy (his birthday isn't till next May!!). He also said that he'd teach the little kids how to be nice. What a kid, huh!?? Sounds like someone is talking from experience ;) haha!

Micah did good. I am really going to have to find something that interest him or get better at having a shadow. If I left a room... there he was right behind me. He likes going to pick up Nate because unless it's raining the kids are all outside and he gets to play for a short time.

Thanks for praying for my guys! Keep it up.


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mbaier said...

I am so glad he has such a great first day! Ella is enjoying school as well. She still misses Nathan, though! Great Picture!