Saturday, September 13, 2008


We got a package this week from Danny's parents and these matching 'jammies' were in it. Nate is all about super heroes. He likes Batman, Superman, Spiderman (though he's never seen a movie or cartoon with Spiderman in it). Micah doesn't seem bothered by it. It's really neat to see him start being more of his own little self. He's into cars the way Nate was/still is... but not because Nate is playing with them.... he's showing us that he likes to play with the cars in a different way. He likes to gently drive them around and try to put riders in/on them. He likes to connect things together and see it become something. Mr. Nate is all about the destruction of a project. haha. Oh how I love having boys.

Funny story:

Last week Nate was playing quietly in the playroom and I could hear him talking to, well, er, umm... himself. I know... he gets it from me. LOL! I was intrigued by the dialogue so I peeked around the corner and I saw him in a cowboy hat with his cowboy pistol, a red bandana wrapped around his face, and a bag. He was telling people to "back up" "put all the money in the bag" "ok, man... thanks". I was so tickled by his version of a bank robbery. I have no clue where he saw it so he could imitate it. I'm not really into old Westerns so they aren't playing on the t.v., the cartoons he watches are along the lines of Little Einsteins, Dora, Diego, and well, wait... we do get a channel with lots of Flintstones & Jetsons (yea!!), Bugs Bunny, and Tweety & Sylvester... maybe on one of those...??? Either way it was just too funny.



Felicia Deaton said...

Hey! You are a much beloved blogger, because this is like your 3rd award I think, but you can read my blog to find out more!!! LOL!

Amanda said...

I think I know where he got the bank robber idea.... When we were there last time the boys were playing it with him. Too cute that he is playing it by himself. I love to see kids use their imaginations. Talk to you later, Amanda

Christy Younger said...

What adorable boys, Kris- I love you!