Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a nice surprise!

Can you believe it?!?! People read my blog and thought it worthy of an award. I was honored by Cassie. We met the summer of 2006 while we were back for 3 weeks for 2 weddings on Danny's side of the family. Cassie & I were both prego with boys. Cassie & her hubby, Russell are the youth directors at our sending church. As if that wasn't great enough, Felicia gave me the award too! Her wonderful clan attends are home church as well. She is one funny lady. You would have to be if God blessed you with 3 kids and a surprise 4th pregnancy that would give you a total of 5 kids (yes, twins!). So thank you ladies!

I'd like to follow suit and thank the people who make it happen. Nathan--without your whit and wisdom... what would I write about? Micah--your crazy antics and cuddly ways. Danny-- well, I'd write about you but that blackmail deal we have keeps me at bay ;) To our friends and family both near and far, thanks for praying for us and keeping in touch. We are in awe of how God has blessed us with friends here in Austria that we can't imagine life without them now. Our old friends are those who help keep us sane and make sure we feel like we're still part of their lives. Our families remind us that they love us and though they miss us- know that it's better to be over here in God's will than next door and out of it.

So to honor the rules of being given an award I am going to nominate some other blogs. In no particular order:

Amy. We go back ions it seems! Her Dad was the pastor of my family's sending church when I was a kid at Hallmark. As adults we seem to have found a sweet friendship in the midst of our grief. God replaced her in my path not too long after our miscarriage. She has gone thru the loss of a few babies and it was during those times we found a bond. You have to find a bond when you're raising boys too. She has 3 handsome guys!
Val. She is a friend from high school, Faith Academy in the Philippines. She is hilarious!! She wins this award I think even more so for the baby boy... well, almost 2 month old that she delivered about 2 weeks ago!! haha! Deacon is adorable and so are her 2 daughters.
Amy A. We met in college. My 2nd year there she was my RA and was the best one I had. Her door was always open and who would've thought that we'd have so much in common?!? They live in France and have 2 girls. Nate & Kirianna are just about 2 months apart. We were due 1 week to the day apart with Micah and Aliyah, but ended up being 5 hrs. apart. There are birthdays, anniversaries, little bits of information on relatives and just our life and lifestyles in general that are eerily similar :)
Patty. We graduated together from Faith Academy. Her sister lived in my dorm the 2 yrs. that I boarded. They are seriously 2 of the kindest, most tender-hearted, loving, ladies you'll ever meet. Thanks to technology we can keep up though we've not seen each other in 11 years! She has an interesting story and perspective on life with the path God placed them on when He blessed them with Abby. Also, not to forget handsome Josiah. He is clearly their reminder of keeping life fun and makes sure there is time to laugh.

Now, for you recipients of this award, here's the deal:

* Display your award.

* Link back to the person who gave you the award.

* Nominate 3 other blogs. (oops, I did 4)

* Put links to those blogs on yours.

* Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

* Enjoy your award!

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Val said...

Awwww....thanks for the honor! =)

You're the best!