Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, after a long, rough, very disgusting weekend it looks like we're all doing better. Friday night the boys were sick and by Saturday they were weak but acting like they felt better. By that afternoon I had it and by Sunday morning I was over it, but weak. Danny however caught it during the night and seemed to have it the worst. So by Sunday night I was exhausted from cleaning, disinfecting, and washing, and feeding the family! It's tough being a parent or the only healthy adult in the house :( We decided that Monday would be our get rested up day.... then Micah started acting sick again. So here we are on Tuesday and I believe we're all healthy, just tired and weak. Man--that was a mean stomach bug! I do need to make it to the grocery store and finish up some laundry.

Thankfully our family isn't "sickly". We've been blessed to only get something really bad about once a year. haha. I was talking to my father-in-law over the weekend and I said we should be good for a year now! LOL! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement.

Hope your week is off to a much better start ;)


PS-- These are pictures from the Charcoal tablets the Pharmacist told us to give everyone ( I could've saved us money and sent them to the bag of charcoal by the grill if I'd known that they weren't just called "charcoal pills" haha!). They are supposed to help slow down or stop things "down south". Then the pharmacy gave us drops to put in some water and that would keep the 'fro-up' and nausea from happening. Well, the pills were not popular (big surprise!), but the reason why the boys are smiling in the pics are because I got the great idea to roll them in a little syrup... so they slid down just fine, but not after they first attempted to chew them. What troopers!!

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Amanda said...

glad you guys are felling better. Sounds like it was rough though. What cute pictures! :)