Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time Change & 'Fro-up'

Tonight we'll be turning our clocks back an hour. We usually "fall back" an hour before the U.S. and we "spring forward" the same day. So after the night we had last night it'll be nice to get an extra hour of sleep--hopefully.

In our 4 1/2 years as parents we haven't seen that much throw-up in one night!!! The boys must've caught a bug because they were both complaining of upset tummy's yesterday and Micah was having bowel problems all day. Danny was bathing them and sent them with their jammies to the living room. I was placing plates with food on them on the table for dinner and the phone between my ear and shoulder talking to my brother-in-law. I could see Micah in the living room. He coughed weird and then IT CAME! I put the plates down, told David we'd call him back, held Micah still while he kept going and then Nate, who was on the other side of the living room not yet dressed in his jammies said, "oh mommy...." and IT CAME! Did you catch that??? AT THE SAME TIME!! haha. Life is funny.

It's amazing how parenthood kicks in during these times. Danny & I have weak stomachs, but managed to keep ourselves composed during the whole ordeal :) I just had to laugh at the whole situation. In the midst of all this Danny was trying to get out the door to football practice. I'm sure you feel like I've shared enough, so I'll say this wasn't the last time we cleaned last night ;) Danny & Nate stayed in the living room with bowls and towels and Micah and I stayed in our room.

This morning everyone woke up feeling much better, but tired. It must've been a 24 hr. bug. We'll take it easy today and hope we've seen the last of it.

Hope your weekend is a different kind of eventful :) haha!



Felicia Deaton said...

OK, when I first read "fro-up", I thought, "I wonder if that is some Austrian tradition or something.." LOL! Well, I can see it is not just an Austrian tradition but a global tradition as well!!! DUH to me!!! I hope you are all feeling good!

Terri said...

Hope all are doing much better! I guess as MOMS we can all associate with the kind of night you just had. Take care of yourself too!!