Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Clean Food'

Our boys have always been good eaters and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of them. The boys like my Filipino foods-pancit, adobo, meat on a stick, stirfry's, and also what we call 'basics' (burgers, pancakes, hotdogs, fried chicken, casseroles, pastas etc) They also eat their veggies really good. Now with that little bit of explanation it's interesting how dinner went.

Danny made Chinese Cashew Chicken w/ Rice tonight. Micah immediately digs in and asks for seconds before Nate has really had a chance to get 2 bites in... so we get on to him for not eating. He drinks all his juice... wants more... asks for cahews with no sauce on them... so we oblige. Now I'm finished eating, Micah's asking for more, Danny's still eating, but Nate hasn't hardly eaten anything. So we ask "what's the matter?" He says politely. "May I have some clean food?" We're confused. "Clean food? What's wrong with your food?" So he explains to us that he wants chicken on "this part" of his plate and the rice, etc. He didn't want anything touching or the sauce on the rice, etc.

So that is the definition of "Clean Food".


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