Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Services

On November 9th, we had our first official service of our new ministry (up to this point we have been doing home Bible studies). It all came about when one of my friends with whom I've been having regular Bible studies asked if we could have Sunday services. We took this as a sign that our ministry was ready to take the next step and have decided to begin holding bi-weekly worship services. We are excited about my friend's enthusiasm in seeing this goal slowly become a reality. She took it upon herself to find a meeting place, which is right in her community since she has the connections there. It's north of Graz, outside of the city, which is a bit of a drive for us, but just about all of our other contacts live in that region so it's very convenient for them. We are meeting in a brand new chapel that was only built a month or two ago and has never been used. (Side note -- our goal is to eventually start holding a service in our community (south of Graz) on the off Sundays of our current service).

Since we moved to Austria we've been involved in team ministry, helping start another work as well as assisting an already established ministry. It has been exciting to finally be able to work on a project that has been based solely upon the people we've met and relationships that we have developed within the last 4 years. We implemented a strategy shortly after arriving and getting settled in here and are excited to see it working. Though it's been slow and tough at times, it is coming together and God is blessing!

Including our family we had 16 people there. After the service we met for brunch at a cafe across from the chapel. I just took a few pics because I didn't want people to feel like they were 'on display.' There were quite a few that didn't make it, who we are praying will be able to come and be a part of future meetings. Some of them have never attended any church, a few are Believers who are not currently part of a church but want to be, and some are just searching... for something... anything. Danny and I pray that whatever we do it's glorifying to God. We don't have all the answers, but we know WHO does.

Our next service is the on 23rd of November and we're excited to say we'll have international guests! Danny's brother, David and his wife, Britney, will be here visiting us for Thanksgiving! Please be praying for us as we get ready for the 23rd and for our family as they are traveling next week.

-Krista- (grammatical assistance by Danny, or so I was told)

Here's the chapel:

Here's Danny speaking:

Here are a few friends:

Here's the view!


The Brinlee Family said...

Woohoo! that is is awesome, I know you guys are excited. We are praying for a great time with your Fam.

The 4 Baiers said...

How awesome it is to see God working in your ministry!! That is so exciting and I will be keeping that ministry in my prayers. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Way to do you say that in german??? How I WISH I could've been there on your first Sunday in the BEAUTIFUL new chapel!! It seriously looks gorgeous! How exciting for you guys though...To God be ALL the GLORY...Great things He has done...and is doing! :) You guys are such a great example of patient obedience to Christ! Thanks for your love for HIM and for others! I love you guys so much and MISS you! Will be praying for your 2nd upcoming service on the 23rd. How great that David and Brittany get to be a part of it! :) Love, Hugs, and Prayers...Sherina! :)

felicia deaton said...

Awesome! So great y'all had a great first Sunday Service! What a view too, that is gorgeous!

Terri said...

God is so Good!! I am so excited for you!