Sunday, December 07, 2008

back in November...

Nathan had a school function one night in November and I just didn't post because well, I just didn't have it in me to do much of anything. I don't like to keep blaming the pregnancy when I talk to people or post here... but really, just getting thru the day was quite the accomplishment for the last 2 months. So with that said... I feel GREAT now! I'm 12 weeks and it was just like my other 2 pregnancies when I felt better. I just woke up last Tuesday and felt good. I cleaned house, ran errands, decorated, cooked, etc. Danny didn't hardly recognize me! haha. Seriously, he's been the best husband ever. He's very understanding and just really took on both of our jobs. I'm very blessed.

In November they celebrate Lanternenfest. It falls on November 11th and is St. Martin's day. The kids had been working at building lanterns and are made of paper and are decorated. It was a cold, rainy night so we met at the sports complex for our community and the kids sang songs, while walking in with their lanterns. They told stories and quoted poems. It was really cute. I couldn't believe they had given real FIRE to these kids though, but you know... I didn't see any kids playing around. Afterward we went for a walk thru the neighborhood and when we returned to the building we had snacks and warm cider/tea. Nathan loved it and did so well during the 'performance'. He did lots of swaying to the music and you could tell he was trying to keep up with the German, his lips moved periodically :)

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