Sunday, December 07, 2008

Norma Stratton

I wanted to thank many of you who have written and said you have been praying for my family. My Grandma (my mom's mom) passed away last month and though I didn't grow up around her or my Grandpa (he passed away nearly 2 yrs. ago) I know they loved us and prayed for us and of course we loved them and prayed for them too.

One of my memories... mainly because there are adorable photos of this memory... is of a time when my parents were visiting my grandparents in Michigan and the story goes that I was helping do the dishes, but it was more of having fun with the kitchen hose. You can see in a photo (that I don't have, sorry) me and the kitchen--soaking wet and in the background my Grandma, smiling :) Do I need to tell you that I was the first grandchild?? haha! Years later we were on furlough and all the family was going to meet in Michigan and we were in the house my mom grew up in ( I think she was born the night they moved in and left when she moved to Missouri for college). I remember waking up to a warm, cozy feeling in the house and it seemed I was the only one awake. So I went downstairs and found my Grandma in the living room eating an apple. Now I know I had apples before... I'm sure I had. But I believe that is where my love for apples began. It was sweet, cold, and crisp. We sat there and watched tv and ate apples. It's a very strong memory and I can almost see it in my head like it was yesterday. I have a few ornaments on my tree that my Grandma made for me and Danny our first year as a married couple. I love decorating for Christmas and I love having ornaments that are significant to me. I handled them differently this year, like they were made of glass... I found myself thinking, "please don't get lost or torn". I miss getting emails from my Grandma. She always wrote, " ... I feel sorry for people who don't have beautiful grandkids (or now she would write great grandkids)."

This photo is a couple of years old, but it's 4 generations. I'm so glad she got to meet Nathan. We'll have great stories to pass on to Micah and this new baby on the way.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful apple story, Kris, so glad you have that memory and so glad you shared. Made me smile! Love you!

amy lederer

Felicia said...

You wrote such a beautiful post about your Grandma. Loved the apple story! You are all in my prayers.