Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Info

I wanted to quickly follow up on Krista's post from last night. Unfortunately, we learned today that Krista miscarried. She is currently in the hospital recovering from a D&C. She should be released tomorrow morning. We haven't told the boys yet and I'm honestly dreading trying to explain to Nathan what has happened. He has been so excited about having a new baby. We would really appreciate your prayers during this difficult time.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the baby. I just talked to your Dad and he told me. We are praying for you.
Sandy and Jim

Adam said...

We're so sorry to hear this news. Brandie and I will continue to pray for you guys during this difficult time.

Amanda said...

we have been praying and I was really concerned that it was about the baby. I am so sorry and we will continue to pray for you guys both for the physical recovery of Krista and the emotional and spiritual healing for the family. If you need me to come up and help out I will be more than happy to. We love you guys and are hearts are hurting for you.

kristin said...

Oh Krista, I'm so sorry! Yesterday was actaully Noah's 2nd birthday in heaven. Emotions are raw, as I'm sure they are for you too. I pray you continue trust that even in the most difficult circumstances God is good. I still wish I could see more of the "big picture" of the impact of Noah's short life, until then I wait with assurance that God is in control. I was trying to picture what it may be like for our babies in heaven. I'm so glad they are cradled by their creator, restored to perfection, and loved so completely.
You come to mind often, and so I pray...for peace and comfort that only the Holy Spirit can bring. Love you, friend!

Terri said...

Krista I am so very sorry. We will be in prayer for you and your precious family.

stephB said...

we are praying for you guys...and for your sweet little boys!

love you!

The Hull Munchkins said...

Krista and guys,
I was so saddened to read about the baby. I can't imagine the heaviness your hearts must be enduring. I will be praying for physical and emotional healing for all of you.