Friday, January 23, 2009

The weekend

The weekend is finally here! Nate is home from Kindergarten, Danny took care of some running around this morning, we've had lunch, and now they are having "quiet time". I do need to get to the grocery store later this afternoon, but it's quiet and so I'm going to blog, maybe read a bit or I may even lay my head down for a few minutes. This doesn't happen often so I may run with it :) We were going to have a family over for dinner but one of their kids is sick. Honestly, Micah has a bad cough and it's probably best if we stay close to home this weekend. I feel like I've been dragging the boys everywhere lately, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to rest. Next weekend is our next church service and the week leading up to it is usually very busy. There have been many opportunities to share Christ in little ways, make new friends in our community, work on friendships over coffee and listening to people tell their stories this past week. I love it!

Here's a little something that happened to me this morning. I picked up Nate from Kindergarten and had to run to the bank too. While I was coming around a corner (walking) I caught the eyes of the lady walking toward me and so I smiled. She seemed to be in her own world and a bit of a scowl on her face. When she saw me smile she did a double take and smiled back.... like she was surprised. So I started thinking about how obvious her surprise was that someone smiled at her. How little effort it was for me to have a smile on my face, yet it seemed to change another persons mood in a split second. Neither of us spoke... just smiled. Do we really walk around like we're angry at the world and everyone around us? As a Christian, do I let the light that represents Jesus in me shine thru? Do I stand out in a crowd because I seem to be content, thankful, or happy with the life God is blessing me? Or do people look at me and say that I look like everyone else-- who is walking around with no hope?

Just something to think about as you go into your weekend. Smile at someone today. It could change their whole day.


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