Thursday, January 29, 2009


Next week I will start back to teaching English in Nate's Kindergarten. I didn't do any teaching in January because I thought the new teacher would like to get in the swing of things and the kids as well before I show up. Since I've been teaching I've been able to talk to the parents and develop friendships. One of the little boys had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and the parents were asked to drop off their kids and come back around 5pm for coffee and visiting. It was so neat to sit at a table with all these parents that I see every week and really get to know better. I was there for 2 hrs. just listening and talking about the school, our kids, our jobs, etc. We already have some new play dates. What a chance for me to meet new moms and make new friends!

Until Nate started school last year, it was hard to meet people with kids in our area. It seems like we're surrounded by older people, which is not bad at all! They are the ones who look our for the boys and let Nate & Micah come play in their yards while they (the neighbors) work in their gardens. Our landlord and his wife remember the boys birthdays and there is always a plate of goodies for different holidays sitting in front of our door (it's kinda funny how they want it to be a surprise). So now that Nate is making friends at school it's broadened my social circle as well. Now that sounds weird, "now that Nate is making friends...". He's always had friends, but since his German language skills are much better, the kids are interacting better without the help of the teacher and so I'm guessing that's why the invitations to parties and play dates are more often now. The kids are more confident in their friendships.

Please continue to keep us in prayer.
-Our bi-weekly services are still going on, some weeks stronger than others.
-Danny is still tutoring English and I'm starting back up at the Kindergarten.
-Micah has had a nasty cough and it just won't go away.
-Nate's language skills to develop. He struggles a little with his speech (English & German).


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Christy Younger said...

I will be praying for your sweet family. You guys are so amazing, I would struggle to learn German too! Golly, that is so cool. Yeah, we do make our videos on iMovie, Lee made that latest one. Love you girl!