Saturday, February 07, 2009


Today is Danny's birthday. We've had fun doing little celebrations all week (special meals, early birthday gifts, etc). The boys enjoyed going to the store and picking out movies for Daddy. When the boys and I got home Nate had Danny come close so he could whisper, "You wanna know a secret?" Danny immediately said that he probably shouldn't do that just yet. So Nate gave his little smile and giggled then said, " We got you a Dr. Pepper for Family Movie Night... I didn't tell you about the movies!!" hahaha! Too cute! The importance of the Dr. P is that we can only get the small personal bottles here and they aren't that expensive, but just enough that we only get them for special occasions. They liked having cake in honor of Daddy :) Tonight I found a babysitter (thanks to "big" Emily! Nate has a friend his age and he calls her "little" Emily.) so I could take Danny out and not have to cut up anyone's food but our own. What fun we had. It was authentic 'Austrian' cuisine. Such a relaxing evening.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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