Monday, February 09, 2009


Nate-"Good Morning, Mom"

Me-"Good Morning, Buddy!"

Nate-"I said 'Good Morning' to God too."


Last night as I'm helping the boys get their jammies on Nate asks if there are "Ben 10" jammies. I said I hadn't seen any yet, but I'd keep a look out. He said that maybe we'd find them in time for his birthday. haha.

So, this morning...

Nate-"Mom, I talked to God last night and asked him to tell someone to make "Ben 10" jammies.

**Ben 10 is a cartoon that he has recently discovered**

Random quotes:

"Are we all little people first?"

"When I grow up I want to be like Daddy."

and one of my favorites lately...

" Mommy, you're almost like Dad, when will you be tall like him?"

YES! My son believes that I'm not done growing. LOL! Danny didn't want me to get too big of a head so he reminded me that I'm done. What a guy.

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