Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

We're not overly big Valentine Day celebrators. I'm not being "ba-hum-bug-ish" about it... it's just that Danny brings me flowers for no reason some days or a little surprise here and there that it makes Valentine's Day somewhat of a normal day for us. Also, Danny's birthday is the the 7th and exactly a week later is Valentine's Day. So since I surprised him by taking him out for dinner we decided to not spend money on dinner again and a sitter. But our weekend was fun! Friday night has become our Family night unless we have plans with another family or something like that. Nathan & Micah enjoy it. We usually make personal pizza's, tacos, or order something (which is tricky in a country that doesn't really have a large restaurant variety). Then we watch a movie together and have some sort of fun dessert. The boys are big fans of the fruit platter!

We also received a package from my mom on Friday and the boys had Valentine treats in there. They were so excited!! (thanks so much mom & dad!) Danny & I also got them matching Spiderman jammies ( Micah is soooo much like me in that he would live in his "comfy" clothes all day if I'd let him!). He actually cried his little heart out the other day when I was getting him dressed and threw his jammies into the dirty clothes basket. I had to tell him that after 2-3 nights they were in need of washing!! haha. He was devastated... so I made sure they made it into the next load and all was well the next day. Both of the boys are VERY into superheroes right now. It's so fun being a mom of boys! Thankfully, I have a couple of nieces so I'll get my girly fixes when I see them-haha.

So, hope you felt loved on the day the world sets apart as a day to remind those we love just how special they really are to us! Remember, there is no greater love than that of a God who came to us as a Man, became like us while remaining perfect and then died for all of us. Better yet... didn't stay dead, but rose again and is preparing Heaven for those that have put their trust in Him.


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