Monday, February 16, 2009

Semester Break

Nathan has this week off from school. It's the semester break.... they start later so December is not the end of the semester. This also means school doesn't get out till the first week of July. Last year his last day was July 4th. It was weird to be picking him up and then going to a friends house to celebrate the 4th of July. haha.

So I was hoping to get some things done around here because it's been almost 'spring' like weather. It's been sunny with a little chill in the wind, but not bad and since the snow is all gone you can see the flower beds, grass, and they're needing help :) However, last night I looked up the weather forecast and it's going to be cold and we're supposed to also get snow the next few days... that could mean it'll snow just in the mountains, but will still make it cold here. We've also got some play dates planned for Nate and friends from school this week. Today we're going over to one of my closest friends house. We've not seen much of each other in awhile. Our schedules have just been too full and so our kids are missing each other (the mommies are too).

Danny & I thought our church services were going to include just our family yesterday, but at 10am on the dot, 2 families showed up and we had a good time studying and singing. Nate & Micah enjoy that these families have kids and every week Nate wants to know who we're bringing home! haha.

Yesterday afternoon Danny also had football practice. He only gets to go to the ones that are in the afternoons on Sunday. Their season is getting ready to start up. We're all very excited about watching the Styrian Bears and cheering them on after all their hard work as a new team in their division. What opportunities for Danny as well!! His nickname is 'Rev' ;)


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