Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A chance to listen and share

Last night I was invited to celebrate the 30th birthday of a new friend.  We met because our sons have become good buddies in Kindergarten.  My brain was on overload by the time I got home because of all the German I heard and spoke myself.  It's amazing how 4 years later my head still can't take more than just a few hours at a time :/

Anyway, I had the chance to sit with these 2 new friends and fellow Moms and talk about our kids and the struggles that come with motherhood.  As I sat there and listened to them talk I was just so thankful for the way God orchestrates our paths.  The people I've met in my lifetime are from all over the globe--and I do mean that!  Timing is always in God's perfect plan.  As we sat there one of the Moms turned to me and said so "What's your church like?"  Talk about a turn in the conversation!  Then for the next 30 minutes-- over what was supposedly "mexican food" (I'm from Texas and it was no where close to what I've tasted and would call "mexican food")-- I shared Christ.  I shared why Danny & I moved to Austria.  Why I believe in Christ.  I answered questions regarding the differences in our religious upbringing.  We talked for awhile about all these rules (legalism basically) as she called them.  I sensed the conversation was soon coming to a close so I briefly hinted that we had services this coming Sunday.  I wanted to get a feel for where they were in their search and then things shut down fast after I mentioned our upcoming service/Bible study.  Sooo, I'll keep being their friend and be available for coffee and stimulating conversation :)

It's a process here.  The fact that I've only gotten together with these ladies a couple of times and then was asked to celebrate a birthday is a huge step in gaining their trust and being welcomed into the circle of their friendship.  Being the social-bug that I am it made me feel good and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.  

The future looks so promising with all these new friendships which God is constantly blessing me & Danny.  


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kelly wagner said...

Krista,I enjoyed reading your comments. Hang in there! God will use those"moments" you share about Him. You're right, It's a process. We are called to plant the seed. God will do the softening. Your family is beautiful. Who woulda thought, you being a soccer mom? Amazing! You guys are in our prayers.
Kelly Wagner