Sunday, March 08, 2009

In black & white

We spent some time one night last week taking pictures.  Our home church is putting together a pictorial directory and wanted us in it.  Aww....!  We can't wait to see it and all the faces of our church family.  We have a great home church.

So since I had the boys looking nice, I decided to get a few pics of my favorite guys.  I love the way they're such good buddies too.  Nathan is so good to say, "I love you" at numerous time through-out the day.  Micah's current phrase is, "Excuse me, ....." and he won't continue with whatever it is he's trying to say till he has your attention, so we'll hear "Excuse me....   excuse me... EXCUSE ME!"  It's too funny!


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F. Deaton said...

I love the one of the boys kissing your face!!!! TOO sweet!