Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just practicing

Last night I checked on Nate in the bathroom and as we were finishing doing business in there, I noticed wet wipes all over the floor.  But they weren't just in a pile... they were everywhere!  I asked him what in the world had happened (because they looked clean) and he said, "I was practicing 'Happy New Year'!"  


So he reminds me of the episode on Full House, where Michelle (the adorable, youngest, little girl) is being told what New Years is all about.  She takes a box of kleenex and pulls tissues out and throws them in the air yelling "Happy New Year".  So for whatever reason he felt compelled to do that while he sat in the bathroom.

Well, Danny & I thought it was funny.

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F. Deaton said...

LOL! TOOO funny! I love Full House! I used to watch it on TGIF Fridays, remember?!!!