Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I'm a soccer Mom"

Nathan has joined a Fußball (soccer, for our American readers) team.  We were invited by some of his friends/the parents from Kindergarten.  I hadn't looked into it yet and I'm glad they told me before it was too late.  We talked with Nathan about it and he was excited!  He had his first practice last night and enjoyed it very much.  The coach seems like a really nice man.  He's teaching them the fundamentals and rules, but making sure it's fun!  There are 3 other little boys from his Kindergarten playing on this team and it was nice to get to know those parents better while we watched the boys play.  So our world just got a little busier, but it'll be great for Nathan and for us as we're getting more involved in our community.  Just another way to share Christ in the everyday experiences!


Lining up for turn to kick a goal:
Micah trying to be supportive--he wanted to play.
Talking about sportsmanship:
He drank a lot of water!

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