Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness--in Austria!

Danny picked up Nate from Kindergarten and when they arrived home we all played outside for a few minutes before going in for lunch.  I thought I saw a snowflake and Danny said he saw a few while driving.  Before we knew it the snow was coming faster and getting bigger!  It's after 6pm here and the ground/trees/plants/driveway are covered.  It's so pretty, but my goodness! We were so ready for Spring.... our neighbor was even out trimming his hedges this morning. haha.  So this is our madness in March. 

Outside our bedroom window--yard with the field next door:

Front yard/porch:

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Terri said...

Oh WOW!!! It is so beautiful! I miss seeing snow - real snow - not this TX ice! ENJOY! Tell Nathan to make a snowball for us!