Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sights in our routine

Lately I've been taking pictures of our surroundings.  I want to look back and see how things have changed or grown.  So here are sights from some of our routine drives (going to school, grocery store, church, etc).


Nate's Kindergarten-
Gas Station near our house-
My handsome hubby driving us around-
A place we take our car to get fixed/inspected.  The lady that runs this says she's a believer, but I think she's really searching for peace still.  The Browns church is basically right behind us (picture view) and she has visited!
One of the many Catholic chapels in our city-
I love the way you can be driving and suddenly a little forest will appear-
A grocery store we go to a lot, Nathan really likes it.  Some of you may recognize it as the sign for Aldi's.  They call it Hofer here.  Basically because it's a German store and the Austrians say they won't shop at a German store, so they renamed it?!?  
Still snow in the mountains and coming up to a "round-about".

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